Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minnie Don't Burn the Chicken

My trip to Newport is off to a great shart.  I finally got home at 3 30 am yesterday. I'm still pretty tired; it's funny how one day of brutal traveling can get you all out of whack.  Wait, I guess that's not so much funny as it is a huge chafe.   It is so nice to be here; one thing I love about this place is that it never changes.  It has been the only constant in my life, in terms of places I've consistently come back to since before I was born.  That doesn't make sense.  Aside from the slight humidity, I love everything about Newport. My 1st day was perfect and went something like this:

I woke up in our new house slightly disoriented.  I stumbled to the bathroom looking like a monster with an afro on steroids.  I was too tired to wash my face when I got into town so I had mascara on my cheeks.  I went to brush my teeth and, still slightly asleep, I peered out the window to take in the ocean view as I brushed.  There it was, the waves rolling in, surfers paddling out, birds chirping and my mother and 9 of her friends with their canvases and paint brushes painting a model posing on a bench in our backyard.  I guess they heard me making a ruckus in the bathroom because all at once, they turned and stared at me.  (even the model; aren't you supposed to remain still, sweetheart?)  A couple of them I knew quite well from growing up, but hadn't seen in ages.  They probably thought I was a homeless person - judging from the looks on their faces.  It was wonderful way to shart my day.

Then, after I showered, combed my 'fro and my mom finished her painting sesh, we headed to the beach.  My first day @ the beach should be relaxing, right?  Wrong. Actually, is is quite relaxing once you get through your initial arrival of having to greet parents' friends, friends' parents, etc. etc.  If I had a nickel for every time I answered the question, "So, where are you now?" then I would be making money in a very strange way.  It is great to see everyone at the beach but definitely a bit daunting at first.  My sister always jokes that she beelines it to the bar right away before she has to be social.

After lunch (I indulged in a grilled cheese on pita with tomato and avocado and clam chowder) my mom and I took a dip in the ocean and played some tennis. (I won, btw).  On our drive home we stopped by my old house we sold about 3 years ago.  I grew up in this house so it is always difficult to see it (I even wrote a letter to it and buried it in the backyard before we moved.)
Berkeley House :(
Last night Lu Lu and I had dinner at Pasta Beach which was lovely.  We then saw "The Help" which I really recommend.  There are a few shout outs to Ole Miss in it, which, in the beginning of the movie I was excited about, but then as it progressed I became embarrassed of. (go see the movie and you will see why)  Anyway, Lu and I thought the movie was going to be a light comedy and it turned out to be a 3 hour tearjerker.  Still, it is a must-see.  Also, the title of this post is my line from the movie, in case you are curious.  I know you are. (Sarcasm font)

Ok, I am off to the beach! Have a tempestuous Thursday.

xo, Nige

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