Monday, June 30, 2014

Socksidentally In Love; Feet-uring HEATH PAINE

Good Morning little wormz,

Here's a little known fact about yours truly that you might not care know about: I have a jheri curl that can predict the weather. I like to interview people. I'm nosy curious about people's lives and I enjoy prying getting to know any given someone, whether it be the random little guy with a remarkable lisp who works at the sushi joint I frequent or a new coworker. Oftentimes, the interviewee doesn't realize my journalistic intentions until they've divulged intimate details of their life and by then it's too late - I've already weaseled my way into their psyche by way of relentless queries. Okay, I'm exaggerating - but I am marginally good at getting people to open up that's what he said, I'll give myself that. In fact, when I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming like Jodi Foster's character in Silence of the Lambs. But since I never achieved my goal of becoming a forensic psychologist, I'm settling for the next breast thing: a Toe Pick journalist. Because interviewing cute boys is way more fun than interviewing serial killers. But enough about my disturbing and mildly alarming childhood fantasy me - let's get to the main course:

I am super excited to feature Heathpaine on Toe Pick. Heathpaine was recently formed by 2 great friends with a vision to create sexy, vibrant and oh-so-cool socks unlike any others you've lost worn before. That's right, not since Prez Clinton's late cat have there been cooler socks. (forgive me for that one. It's Monday morning after a wedding weekend) I don't know about you but I always struggle with what to get my imaginary boyfriend, dad and brothers for birthdays and Christmases and now I feel like I can rest awkwardly easy, bitchez. Meet the 2 visionaries behind this genuis operation, Heathpaine: Manton Paine and Chance Heathe. Oh and please click their KICKSTARTER LINK and check out their video.

So guys, take me back to where it all started. How do you 2 know each other?Manton (Paine) had just moved to San Francisco. He found a temporary place in this neighborhood called “the tenderloin” in a place called “The Sweden House”. It all sounded regal enough for him, but it turned out to be neither Tender nor Swedish. On Yelp, it receives a raving one star review based on crackheads and bed bugs.

Anyhow, at the time, Chance (Heath) was sorta seeing this one girl, whose best friend was sorta seeing Manton (despite the bed bugs). Chance kept hearing them collectively complain about him. Something about him showing up to a dinner party roaringly drunk slightly over-served in a linen suit, where he kept demanding to keep the music beyond a level the other guests felt comfortable with. To his credit, he wrote a great poem as an apology.

While the girls thought that the moment made him seem like a bit of a loose cannon, Chance knew it screamed “partner in crime” and maybe even “partner in business”. Perhaps that’s why both of the ladies tried so hard to keep them from meeting one another. Alas, they could only keep Heath and Paine apart for so long. We’re pretty sure that both of those great girls are doing well, but we’re not exactly in the picture anymore.

Ha poor gurls. How did this idea originate?

In the past several years the sportswear industry has made huge strides in fabric development. Yet, not once has this successfully been transferred over to our everyday style. As best friends with an affinity for athletics and a penchant for panache – we became frustrated that our favorite clothing items with innovative fabrics felt too casual for business and social settings. We decided to set out on merging style and comfort with groundbreaking fabrics, by starting out with American manufactured antimicrobial dress socks with a distinct flare.

How is Nantucket reflected in the designs?
When the mountains aren’t dumping snow, Nantucket epitomizes our ideal lifestyle.  In that respect, the Island is embedded into every design.  It’s ease, attention to detail, and effortless marriage between nature and man-made luxury perfectly embodies Heath Paine.

4. What advice do you have for me people who lose socks on the reg?
Never take them off.  No kidding, a recent study revealed that both men and women found it easier to have an orgasm when they kept their socks on. Drafts in the scanning room left couples complaining of “literally cold feet,” and providing a pair of socks allowed 80 percent rather than 50 percent to reach a climax while their brains were scanned.  
To that end, Heath Paine socks, with their silver lining (literally), are naturally antimicrobial and will not stink, no matter how long they’re “slept” in/ worn, between washings.

5. Where do you see Heathpaine in 5 years?  Any plans to make other accessories?   
While our socks have enough Feet-ures to transform anyone’s top drawer, we see a much broader vision for the company.  Think of socks as our “foot in the door” to everyday fashion.  By injecting everyday casual garb with innovative materials, Heath Paine will take your favorite clothing items and bolster them with the performance of athletic wear, helping you make the transition from boardroom to bar, sans sweat.
6. I was thinking of ordering a pair of your socks for my neice - do you guys have Heathpaine for kids?
Trix are for kids, Heath Paine isn’t.  In all seriousness, with silver prices climbing, buy her a few pairs now as an investment.  Wall Street is bullish on this sock offering...may even fund her college in a few years.

7. How has life been now that you've ditched your 9-5's?

You’d think it’d all be cocktails and parties, right? We were hoping for something like “Social Network” meets “James Bond”, but launching a Sock-cessful brand is a lot of very hard work. Don’t worry, though, we’ve found plenty of opportunities to have our fun. But since we’ve ditched our 9 to 5s, it’s become more of a 24/7, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

8. Describe your ideal/target clientele.  
Saturday bowling, late-night Mahjong, gutter cleaning, virtual online gaming.  For those that enjoy any/ all of these activities, you should probably stick with the Fruit of the Loom lifestyle.

9.  Describe your designs/color palets.  Will your designs be based on seasons?
Solids to stripes, polkas to paisleys, and the simply wild.  While our designs WILL have a seasonal aspect, that certainly won’t be a limiting factor.  Stay tuned as our bold designs cut the fog.

10.  Who are your favorite designers?  Any inspirations? 
There are some things in our lives that just don’t let us down. For example, Chance’s fly fishing gear, passed down from his Grandfather, or Mantons ‘48 Willy’s Jeepster, given to him at birth. It is those items we value the most, not just for their sentimental ties and timeless style, but also for their quality, which has become such a rarity. If there’s one thing we hope to achieve, it’s to do our part to bring that back.

There you have it - Socks and Roll, y'all!  (god that was embarrassing to type) 

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Cawl me.


PS. Dear Red Hot Chili Peppers - I think it's time to update your tube crotch socks - might I suggest investing in some Heathpaines? Love you Anthony.