Friday, February 20, 2015

Toe Pick VS Tinder: Hall of Fame

Let's face it: some of my tinder pranks have fallen flat and some have done well.  I've weeded out the anticlimactic ones and compiled a compilation of the funny ones.  (Don't judge me for this last sentence, I got 3 hours of sleep last night on account of the 4 Dateline episodes I watched alone prior to hitting the sack - that shit is freaky.)  Ok, let's get sharted:

The Gurl who only communicates via N'Sync lyrics: 
No explanation needed.

Debbie Downer
This Tinder Gurl is plagued by constant problems. Simply put: Deborah Downer was dealt a shitty hand and she has no problem venting to whoever will listen to her.  


hi thomas.  bye thomas.


The Immature Sheltered Gurl who asks really personal questions

I struggled with whether or not to feature this one because it's gross.  Also - you can't really tell from Barrett's pic but he is quite the bulky one.  Looks like B likes to hit the gym a time or twenty-seven. 


                                              the ToePick Tranny

The Cliche Gurl.  
This gurl only communicates via cliches.  Suhas doesn't seem fazed by the fact that Cliche Gurl has a husband.  #ShameOnSuhas

the woman-child.
The Woman-Child is a girl who is extremely childish and irritating.  She's around 26 and collects things like rocks, bugs, twigs, and shells.  She is characterized by her excessive use of emoticons and acronyms.  She talks in a baby voice.  She is giddy, painfully annoying and hangs out with her parents a lot. 



                                                               Hyper Horea

The One-Upper:
I modeled this Tinder Gurl after my favorite character on SNL, Penelope.  She will take anything anyone says and one-up the shit out of them. Have a look at Tinder Gurl working her impossibly irritating magic (sidenote: she starts off humblebragging - also, I apologize for the poor crop jobz): 
Frisky Felix

The Gurl who spits out Complete Nonsense

Annoyed Ajit

The Cat-Lover.
This one needs no explanation.  This lady is obsessed with her cat.  Like, it's unsettling.  She also uses quotes from Brian Adams songs to convey her devotion to Tabitha - Tabby for short.

Annnd, that's a wrap.  Have an awesome weekend, folks.  

xo, Nige